How To Root Your Android Phone Without PC

How To Root Your Android Phone Without PC

So what is up guys, Its Your boy Sagar here with an another Fresh and Interesting Of Rooting Your Android Phone Without PC. Without wasting any more second lets get Started With A Quick Overview.

What Is Rooting Phone?

Rooting your phone is just an Adding Standard Linux Function, Which was removed by your Android phone Company.

It simply means Giving Root Permission Of Your Smartphone To Yourself So you can access all the permissions which was revoked for You.

Some permissions Like accessing Operating System File Is Revoked for The Android Phone user in majority of cases. If you have a Rooted Android Phone Then You Can Access This Kind Of Files.

Should I Root My Android Phone?

There is not only a single Answer of this Question! It can be Yes, Not or Maybe, Depends on the User and Their Usages.

If you are a My kind of Android Phone User who wants to Explore and Modify each and every function of your phone then You must need to Root your Android Phone!

Some users just want to use Some Apps but just because of No Root Permission they are unable to use. If you are this kind of user then You Should or You Should not Root Your Android Phone because Probably there will be a similar App which works without Root Permission.

If you are just a Simple User Who Doesn’t Needs to become a SuperUser, Then you should not Root Your Phone.

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Why You Should Root Your Android Phone?

There are hundreds of Reason to Root Your Android Phone But I will Repeat Again That It Depends On User and Their Usages. 

Here are the Reasons To Root Your Android Phone

Reasons To Root Your Android Phone-

  1. If You Are Wondering To Access and Modify Your OS File Then You Must Have To Root Your Phone.
  2. Rooting Your Android Phone Can Make Incompatible Apps Compatible To Your Phone.
  3. A Rooted Phone Can Boost Your Battery Performance Via Using Apps Like GreenifyWhich Requires Root Permission.
  4. If You Have The Root Permission Then You Can Easily Uninstall Pre-installed Useless Apps.
  5. Rooted Phone Can Flash Custom ROMS To Your Phone So You Can Avail Extra and Unique Features.

Why You Should Not Root Your Android Phone?

Loved The Reasons To Root Your Phone? Now Lets Come To Why You Should Not Root Your Phone!

There are Two Reasons To Not Root Your Phone-

  1. Rooting Your Android Phone Can Void The Warranty Of Your Android Phone.
  2. Rooting Your Phone Can Open A Door For Viruses To Attack On Your Android Phone.

If You Don’t Have Any Problem With These Two Reasons Then We Can Come To Our Main Point.

How To Root Your Android Phone Without PC?

How To Root Your Android Phone Without PC

On Internet, There are Lots Of Tutorials To Root Your Android Phone But Non Of Them Are Talking About How To Do It Without A PC!

If You You Don’t Have A PC but Still Wants To Root Your Android Phone Then Follow This Paragraph-

Basically Today We are Going To Do It With The Help Of An Android App Called KING ROOT.

Why King Root App?

King Root Is The Most Popular Android Application Available On Internet With Highest Number Of Success Rate.

It Is Totally Free Of Cost To Download and Use. King Root Is A Very Trusted Application Which Provides One Click Root.

How To Root Your Android Phone With King Root App(Without PC)

To Root Your Android Phone Without PC, You Just Need To Follow These Steps-

  1. Download the latest version of King Root Apk From Here
  2. Install the Apk On Your Android Phone. It may ask to enable Unknown source Installation, Enable It.
  3. After Successful Installation, Open The King Root App.
  4. Click On The TRY IT Button To Enter Into The Main Interface Of King Root App.
  5. Now The Root Installation  Process Has Been Started ON Your Phone.
  6. There will be a Running Percentage To Let You Know How Much Installation Has Been Completed.
  7. During Rooting Process, Do Not TURN OFF Your Phone!
  8. Your Phone May Reboot Several Time During The Installation Process. So Don’t Be Panic.
  9. Now The Rooting Process Is Completed. You Can Check it From ROOT CHECKER App.

That’s all For Today Guys. I Hope You Found This Article Was Helpful. If you have any Doubt Then let me know in the Comment Section.